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Switzerland, a country with a water tower, known as the European countries, at the same time, it is the birthplace of the Rhine, has abundant water resources. Switzerland attaches great importance to clean drinking water, from the importance of water for life and the pursuit of taste, that water's grace moisture, Koris bathroom was born.

Is there a way to let you feel ordinary but incredible things, no specific gesture, but to dominate the world? Heavens and the earth, harmony. Water, it did. Is there a low-key but full of life leading, there is no luxury connotation, but interpretation of the true meaning of life? Natural, a dew exhaustive. Koris, it did.

Koris, has been working with the water company, and is a research and development, production, sales as one of professional sanitary ware business. Since its inception, follow the "charity, social commitment," the core concept, focus on creating a "Water benefits all things without struggle" and "water culture" in the management and marketing aspects, to water, soft German, low-key, selfless, Smart, inclusive regulate corporate action. With "Audio Bible" tenacity and perseverance, to uphold Seiko fine cast, excellence, quality and excellence of spirit, with particular emphasis on product every channel technology, the technology and accurately draw the line between art, functionality and aesthetics in a sought between kind of balance, break the shackles of tradition, with almost harsh attitude, creating a flawless every product, we use the most rationalized bathroom concept, fully embodies a taste, a fashion, step by step, is committed to the modern family bring water for healthy life.
Business Philosophy
The development of enterprises, is inseparable from the leadership and management standardization, think-tanks and high-quality a fine team can make a company grow sturdily. Thun always take "as good as water, water benefits all things without struggle" concept for each employee, let them play "dripping water wears through a stone." perseverance, the spirit of "sail against the current" spirit, let the enterprise team cohesion is one kind of strength, common completion of each task.
Business philosophy is the fundamental system, management thought. Management activities must have a basic principle, all the management are required around a core idea. The core idea is here said the business philosophy. The so-called business philosophy, is the pursuit of enterprise performance management based on customer, competitor, and scientific and technological advantages, the development direction, common faith and pursuit of the enterprise business objectives. These can be called the "business philosophy" (theory of business). For-profit organizations or non-profit organizations, enterprises, or body organs, every organization needs a business concept. In fact, a set of clear, be consistent from beginning to end, accurate management idea, can play a maximum efficiency in the organization.
Enterprise Culture
01. Brand Concept:Charity, social commitment
02. Philosophy:Water benefits all things without struggle
03. Entrepreneurship:Play "Audio Bible" perseverance, carry forward the "sail against the" spirit
04. Development concept:Efficient and enterprising, and perseverance
05. Design concept: Health, fashion, humane
06. Product Concept:Excellence in innovative design and manufacturing
processes to develop high-quality products
07. Product Positioning:Stainless steel sanitary industry boutique
08. Business talent:Meritocracy, expertise and resources
09. Service:"Be tolerant to diversity," a different understanding of each
customer tolerant, honest service
10. Strategic objectives:Transmitted to all users' water culture ", playing a domestic first-class stainless steel sanitary ware brand
The Desian Team
Thun Sanitary adhere to the production of fashion design, user-friendly products as the goal, the constant pursuit of progress and innovation. The company has a passion, diligence and innovation excellence team, adhering to the principle of energy saving, adhere to the "innovation and creativity" with the full grasp bathroom trends of development, will be personalized, humanized concept through product development and design of each links, produce different styles, different functional products to meet consumer demand.

Harmony is the highest state of the construction sector The key is to have a community development concept, with the surrounding environment and harmonious development." Course of human history since the building became an important symbol of human civilization, people express different sections at different times to interpret the concept of the different needs of the times will change, but the building is solid, it reflects the characteristics of an era, we must leave it in time traces. Can not have too popular elements of the injection, after all, in five to ten years will bring fashion elements are not old enough to become worthless, so do the building must also be the first to do a combination of architecture and environment integration, make full use of the natural terrain, beautiful scenery integration, simplicity reflects style, deal with the relationship between space and form, to solve real user needs. The people, architecture and the environment in perfect harmony, and watched with enthusiasm building habitability and sustainability.
Thun, from the most harmonious angle to define the direction of product research and development, both designers and ordinary consumers are realized through the use of the product and thus feel Thun brings the beauty of harmony, bold architect to home improv ement set designer fine fine cloth, can make products arranged and fully functional to solve human needs, reaches the heart and soul.
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